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Available Jobs In South Africa

South Africa is not only about the great natural sights and the diverse culture that drawn many foreigners to work in this country. They can experience work professionally with their certain necessary skills to fill the job position in South Africa.  They can find available learnerships South Africa to improve their skills. If you want to work in South Africa, you must apply a work visa which can be processed in a long time. In addition, the law in South Africa forbids foreign to go to the country if they don’t get a job offer. So, we can say that hunting job in South Africa is hard but it is still possible to get a job in this country.

Jobs In South Africa

If there is a foreigner with great skill, the country will welcome them. If you really want to work in South Africa and you have the necessary skills, there are many opportunities waiting for you in this country.  South Africa is a country where the rates of unemployment are high. There are many unskilled workers than semi-skilled in this country. In fact, the employers there prefer South African natives to fill the job position. So, if they can’t get natives, then they will look for a foreigner to work for them. There are many great opportunities for foreigners if they seek a job in some areas which are tourism, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, accountant, and consultant. Those job fields usually filled by foreigners.

The government of South Africa has a plan to make their country grow. The plan needs a skilled international worker with registered qualification. In addition, the workers need to have at least five years’ experience so they can work in these areas. So, if you want to increase your chance to get a job in South Africa, you need to look for available learnerships, South Africa. The learnership can increase your skill as well as job experience.

How To Get A Job In South Africa?

To find a job in South Africa, you can search in so many ways. There is job search engines available for you. Those search engines are a good starting point. You can also search a job from South African newspapers that publish them in the online version. The South Africa Yellow Pages are also here to help you find a job. Consult yourself there and you can find the job that you need. If there is a particular job in particular company that you would like to work for, you can send them your CV.  You can also search for available learnerships South Africa with these ways. Learnership is very important for someone who wants to work abroad. You can increase your skill and add your work experience in the workplace too.

A Job With High Salary In South Africa

Everyone will always look for a job with a high salary, right? So, we will recommend you some top job with a high salary in South Africa.

  1. Finance

Working in finance can change your life. If you work as a financial officer both in small or medium company in South Africa, you will get paid a lot. According to a statistic, work in finance can get you a salary which is R3 million per year. This is the average salary. However, if you work in big or multinational company, you will get R4.75 million for annual salary. Even a chief financial officer can get around R6 million for working just a year! As for finance directors, they can get average salary around R2.25 million each year if they work in small and medium company. But if they work in big and multinational company, they can get R2.750 for annual salary. How about chief audit officers and tax directors? Don’t worry, they can earn R2.2 million per year.

  1. Human resources

You can earn a good amount of money if you work in human resource department. A chief HR position can get an average salary of R2.9 million per year. As for a head of HRD can earn R1.6 million per year and a HRD director can earn R1.8 million per year. To work there, you need a work experience at least 10 years in this field. Furthermore, you must have an organizational or industrial psychology degree. In addition, you must have basic knowledge of South African labour registration.

  1. Summer job

Who said that seasonal job like summer job don’t bring you a good money? Here in South Africa you can get summer job that pay you with great salary for just working 3 months only. However, the summer jobs that available for foreigners in South Africa is limited. But if you have specific skills, you can get a summer job there. You can be a teacher, sport coaching, conservation project, and intern in multinational company.

We need to remind you that it’s better for you to find available learnerships South Africa so you can high chance to be accepted by the company.

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