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What Are A Learnerships And Jobs?

What do you think about learnership? It is a vital training education and program. It is very important to get a job because it also facilitates the relationship between work experience and structured learning in order to get a qualification that is already registered. So, learnership combines workplace and theory practice to get the qualification that will be registered to the NQF or National Qualifications Framework. If you want to get learnership, you need to get 120 credits. It means that you need to have 1200 notional learning hours.

Compared with apprenticeships, learnerships provide you a more efficient and flexible learning program and arrangement. Meanwhile, apprenticeship is the traditional version of learnerships where you will combine work experience and structured learning.  Thus, people will recommend you the learnerships to get new and better opportunities. They will give you knowledge on how to develop your skills.

Things To Know About Learnerships

The relationship between learnerships and job is very important. Good learnerships will lead you to a good job. Here are the things that you need to know.

  1. SETAs or Sector Education and Training Authorities is the one that manage learnerships. The government is the first one that introduce them to help learners how to shape their skills and prepare them both physically and mentally to the workplace.
  2. A learnership is a work based on training education and program. It will lead to you an NQF to get a registered qualification. It is related to a work or occupation.
  3. Learnerships are also legally agreement between a learner, an employer, as well as a training provider. By agreeing to their terms, the duties and tasks of a learner, an employer, and a training provider will be well-detailed. The agreement will also protect each party’s benefits as well as to ensure that each party will get a good quality of training.
  4. The education and program will help the learner to gain and improve their skills. They will also improve their workplace experience. This will lead them into a better employee and they will get many good opportunities.
  5. If someone wants to get a learnership, s/he will need to register a contract with the training provider. The learners will get an employment contract which is a fix contract too. They will study to get a qualification registered from the NQF. The cost will be different; it depends on the company. The learnership will be ended if the qualification is complete.

Why You Need Learnerships?

Since learnerships will provide you training and education, they will also give access for work. You can also start your career while you are studying at the same time to get the qualification registered. Learnerships will ensure you that you will get a recommendation for a specific job. This will be a good thing since your necessary skills will be used in the job that matches your skill.

Moreover, learnerships will help the learners to gain skills development that needed in certain sectors. They will get a qualification and job at the same time. This is why you have to register yourself to learnerships.

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