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Careers In South Africa

Do you plan to move to South Africa or try new opportunity there? When you plan to get a job in this country, there are things that you need to know. First, you can’t enter South Africa and work there except you got a job offer in the country. Although this requirement will make you feel down, if you can fulfill certain requirements, then you can get a job in South Africa.

Getting A Job In South Africa

To get a job in South Africa is quite difficult. But nothing is impossible. In this country the rate of unemployment is high. Moreover, the decent-skilled and unskilled workers there are big too. In addition, the employers tend to choose nationals over foreigners.

Employers in South Africa need to prove first that they can’t find local employees. After that, they can hire foreigners. The secure jobs in South Africa that need certain skills are higher in these areas which are healthcare, telecommunications, e-commerce finance, tourism, security, mining, as well as the cosmetic industry. Those jobs are promising jobs in South Africa.

Work Permit In South Africa

If you want to work in South Africa, you need to have a work permit in the diplomatic mission of South Africa near you. You need to get the permit six weeks before your departure date. Here are some things to take note:

  1. You can get a work visa if you get a job offer whether it is from a national or an international company. You can also demonstrate your excellent qualification.
  2. The applications will be processed in about 7 days or so. Meanwhile, the visa is only for one year in maximum. Before it expires, you need to extend the visa. It’s better to apply 8 weeks before your work visa expires. If you don’t do this, you must leave the country and apply the visa so you can re-entry South Africa.
  3. If you want to apply for the visa, you need a proof that your future employer is unable to find local applicants to fill the position as well as a firm offer from the company. You will be asked for cash deposit by the Department of Home Affairs for visa fee. The cost will cover you just in case you are deported. Once you leave South Africa, you can get your cash back.

Requirements To Get A Job In South Africa

There are no crucial nor specific requirements if you want to find a job in this country. But it’s better for you to understand basic Afrikaans, although this country has 11 official languages including English.  Afrikaans is required when you want to apply for a job.

The salary in South Africa will depend on what kind of job that you have or apply for. But there is a great job with a great salary in South Africa. If you want to visit the country for a job interview, you need to have a work-seeker’s permit to allow you enter the country. If you don’t have this permit, you can be deported or arrested.

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