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These Bongs Are The Most Expensive

These Bongs Are The Most Expensive

When a person thinks of a bong, the first thing that comes to mind is pot. This way of thinking is not right because there are many purposes for a bongs use. It just so happens to be the instrument of choice for potheads today.

To fully understand a bong you must first understand that all bongs are not created equally. This inequality in creation makes a big difference in purchase price. This difference in price can give you some pretty expensive bongs as a matter of fact.

So, if you get that big raise at work, expect your taste to raise too. When this happens, you won’t have to worry about using the standard bong. You can easily move up the ladder and purchasing one of the following bongs below.

Hitman Glass Dabuccino Hammerhead
Who doesn’t love Starbucks? They are practically on every street corner in the country! So trying to deny that you like Starbucks will be impossible. So what better design to create than the Hitman Glass Dabuccino Hammerhead for $1,600? That’s what happened when a collaboration occurred with both Hitman Glass and Evol Glass. They put their creativity together to create a Dabuccino Cups series based on the Starbucks cup.

Carsten Carlile “Starry Night” Skeletal Rib Cage Rig
If you are looking for an appeal that’ll stand-alone, then getting your hands on the “Starry Night” Skeletal Rib Cage by Carsten Carlile will be the way to go. Plus you’ll be rest assured that nobody else has the same bong as you and for $1,800 it is worth it.

Glass X Big Puzzle “Apocalypse Joe” by Snoop Dog

The look of this bong will tell you exactly why it’s called Apocalypse Joe. It has the design of a man named Joe wearing his gas mask and survival gear preparing for the Apocalypse. It features a male joint measuring 14.5mm and a downstem diffuser with a domeless nail made of quartz. This beautiful design will run you $1,800.

The “Atlantis” Beaker by Deranged Lion X Glassical Creations

This design is what extraordinary is all about. It features coral reefs and turtles that will make you feel like your smoking under the surface of the water. The design has been tried many times before, but the price of $2,000 seals the deal for it’s beauty.

The Freeek Tube

This design is well known and won the 2010 artist of the year award by the FGIA. Which is why this design deserves more recognition because of it’s simplicity of design. It’s nice to see simplicity also includes a price of $3,799.

The Lego Man Shark Set by EF Norris
This bong is truly a legit piece of art. If you have ever wanted to smoke a lego bong or a shark for that matter, then now is the time. You can surely now have a good time with the shark for $3,800.

Michael Jackson Thriller Bong by Preston Hanna

This bong piece is wonderfully designed to honor the king of pop’s Thriller days. But if you notice, it’s not Michael Jackson. It is actually a beaver that wears the red jacket and has it’s hair slicked back. This is the true way that you can really enjoy this bong along with it’s price of $4,000.

The Triceratops Bubbler by Robin Hood Glass

$4,600 will buy you the baddest looking bong on the market. I’m pretty sure Robin Hood Glass was thinking the same thing once they were finished creating this masterpiece. The fact that the entire triceratops body is fossilized will take your breath away.

Dosa – Reticello Dab Rig With Quav
You haven’t seen anything if you have never heard of the Dosa. This bong has the smoothest design of all of our bongs listed here. The explosive color that the bong portrays stands out among the others. So paying $6,000 for it’s blue sparkle will be worth every penny.

The Sandblasted Sundae Stack Torch Tube
Something about having your very own butane torch inside has to give you the idea that this bong is not for beginners. It includes five chambers designed separately into the bong. After purchasing it for $6,000, make sure that you have someone who’s familiar with it show you how to use it properly.

Killadelph’s Triple Coil Beaker
It’s obvious that the price of $6,800.95 is below what the Triple Coil Beaker bong could actually go for. It is a beautiful bong which includes triple coils that give it a science lab feel. This bong is also known as the Unicorn because the glass is black all throughout the bong.

The “Squid Chopper” by Burtoni And Uephoria
This bong’s name is perfectly tied into the design which is not normally seen. This one is definitely an exception because of the helicopter merged together with the squid. This helicopter ride is not going to be cheap at $7,000.

The Balloon Giraffe by ME Glass X Blitzkriega
If you want a one-of-a-kind bong, then acquiring this beautiful animal giraffe balloon will allow you the chance to own an original piece. Amazing simply gives no justice in describing it. Something just be described for $7,000.

Grateful 4 Mushrooms by Scott Deppe

This masterpiece has a lot going on for it. One might even think that this bong has too much going on. This bong proves that Scott Deppe designs nothing but art. It has everything, rainbow colors, teddy bears, mushrooms and multiple arms. If anything, the Grateful Dead could have gotten credit for the design and nobody would have minded. Especially for the price of $14,251.

Excalibur by ROOR
ROOR is well known for producing very high quality bongs. Their reputation surrounds high quality so it’s a no-brainer. This bong is both massive and tall standing over six feet. The sword itself requires a separate protective case. It’s name obviously comes from the legendary King Arthur sword. For the price of $15,000, it better have some magical powers.

Take Me 2 The Mothership by Scott Deppe
Another Scott Deppe creation that will continue to make you fall in love with his bong art. This just shows us all how endless his talent can be when it comes to designing the perfect bong art. Plus, who wouldn’t want to buy perfection for $20,000?

The Hot Rod Bubbler by Adam Whobrey And Steve Hops
If you haven’t noticed, every bong price on this list becomes a more true work of art. Which is why the prices jump easily. Unique is the only word that comes to mind. That is what describes the Hops Hot Rod bong. This cool car design easily draws attention to itself. For $20,000 you wouldn’t blame it would you?

Pirate Ship Builder

If you are looking for detail, then this Pirate Ship Builder bong is perfect for you. If you don’t mind shelling out the money for it then more power to you. For those of you not willing to depart from the hefty cash this bong costs, then just say “shiver me timbers” when you hear that it will put you back $30,000.

The Skull Gun by ROOR
Somethings are better not touched at all and the Skull Gun is included. Can you imagine being passed this bong to smoke and all you can think about is not dropping it while passing it back? Some thoughts can make situations very worrisome when you add a $90,000 price tag.

The Gold-Encrusted Skull Bong by Scott Deppe
Scott Deppe has truly done it again with this spectacular gold-encrusted skull bong. Yep, that’s right gold-encrusted. If you ever have the chance to see this work of art, please do. That’s because looking at it will probably be the least you could do when you notice the price tag of $100,000.